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At Target Pest Control services, we also provide export fumigation services

export fumigationExport fumigation is a legal requirement by the purchaser of products in most countries. Therefore, most countries will not allow the import of certain goods into their countries without the products or goods having been fumigated. A fumigation certificate is issued by the fumigation company in the exporting country and it will accompany the goods.

The fumigation process should be done according to international standard ISPM 15. This rule prevents the spread of plant pests and diseases. These diseases are usually spread through packing materials and wood. Goods are often exported in wooden pallets, crates,  cases and dunnages drums. 

All wood packing materials for export should be stamped with the approved IPPC stamp before they are exported. These will be checked for compliance with ISPM 15.

Non-compliance to these shipping standards may result in serious problems for your international shipping. The goods may be refused and turned back. They can even be destroyed unless repackaged or fumigated.

Avoid problems in your international shipping and think ahead. Engaging Target: The Pest Control Company and we will be there to help you export your goods smoothly

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